Graphene X JackVest Review Jacket With Detachable Sleeves

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Graphene X JackVest from the Future Series is a
forward-thinking jacket/vest combo - a versatile and innovative piece of outerwear!

With its 3-in-1 modular design, waterproof features, and integration of graphene technology,
Graphene X JackVest is well-equipped to handle various outdoor conditions. The inclusion of RFID pocket, adjustable cuffs, and removable hood with drawstring cord adds to its practicality. The cuffs are adjusted via two metal snap fasteners.

JackVest draws inspiration from NASA spacesuits, combining advanced technology and adaptive design to create a jacket with a modular design never seen before. Constructed with a shell made of 77% polyester and 23% graphene-integrated polyester, the JackVest provides optimal performance for insulation, breathability, windproofing, antibacterial properties, and anti-UV capabilities.

The weight of the graphene integration is 40g/m2 (40 grams) thick, which translates to a moderate level of insulation—enough to provide warmth without adding excessive bulk to the jacket. 

The incorporation of graphene-infused polyester in this insulation is a consistent feature across the Graphene X lineup, encompassing the All round Shorts, Omega Pants, and Alpha Series 2 Jacket. This inclusion significantly elevates the jacket's overall capabilities in terms of thermal regulation and its ability to adapt to diverse environmental conditions.

The key selling feature of JackVest is the modular 3-in-1 design, which
 smoothly changes from having full-length sleeves to two stages: three-quarter sleeves and then completely sleeveless, transforming into a practical gilet or waistcoat. 

Weighing in at 620 grams (size M), the JackVest is comfortable to wear without restricting movement . The 3-in-1 design does not compromise on fit, ensuring that the wearer experiences both freedom of movement and protection against the elements.

JackVest integrates a total of 12
zippers - all YKK zippers with rubberized pulltabs, as well as tactical high neck closure and magnetic storm flap main zip for additional protection against the elements. The sleeveless modular design uses four zippers to transform the JackVest from a gilet vest style jacket to a three quarter sleeve jacket. Naturally, there is more unzipping and zipping to do than with a regular jacket, which could be seen as an extra step that requires more effort, especially for individuals who prefer the simplicity of a one-step process like putting on or taking off a pullover.

The modular zip design in itself isn't complex but comes with the trade off of being less hassle free and less convenient for quick changes or transitions.The process of closing and opening all zippers does take more time compared to simply slipping on or removing a jacket or gilet. That said, the perceived inconvenience of zipping and unzipping is subjective and will depend on individual preferences and priorities. Some may find it a minor inconvenience, while others might see it as a significant factor in their decision-buying process.

In terms of pockets, JackVest features two invisible rear facing pockets on the bottom backside of the jacket, an internal RFID pocket, a passthrough zipper pocket (top backside) for ventilation, two front facing hand pockets
with waterproof zipper and two chest facing secret pockets. The pockets are roomy with ample space for storing a small water bottle, smartphone, etc.

The vest insulation, comprising 70% recycled polyester and 30% graphene-integrated polyester, contributes to the jacket's commitment to sustainability. The TPU membrane further enhances its waterproof capabilities, ensuring that the wearer stays dry in challenging conditions.

When it comes to taking care of your JackVest, some folks might see the instructions as a bit complicated because they give a lot of details. For example, they say you should use a special detergent made for waterproof clothes (Nikwax is recommended) and tell you not to use softeners. Also, they suggest closing all the zippers, using a gentle wash cycle, and not using a tumble dryer, which is different from how we usually wash and dry our everyday clothes.

The care instructions also say to wash it in cold water and let it dry in the shade. This means the jacket is sensitive to temperature and sunlight. But don't worry, even with all these precautions, the JackVest is resistant to UV rays, so it won't have problems with that.

These detailed care instructions are really important to make sure your JackVest stays strong and works its best. But, we get it, some people might think they're a bit much compared to how we usually take care of our regular clothes. It's like a trade-off between keeping the cool features of the jacket in good shape and making it easy for you to take care of.

In conclusion, the JackVest from the Future Series is not just a piece of outerwear; it's a testament to innovation and adaptability. From its space-inspired design to the incorporation of advanced materials, every aspect of this jacket has been meticulously crafted to pioneer a new frontier in outdoor gear. Whether you're facing rain, wind, or unpredictable adventures, the JackVest has got you covered. It's a bold step forward in the world of functional and stylish outerwear, earning it a resounding recommendation.

Selling points

  • Modular design
  • Graphene Integration
  • YKK zippers
  • RFID pocket
  • Loose fit
  • Detachable zip hood
  • Secret pockets
  • Ventilation zipper
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Tactical neck closure
  • Magnetic storm flap for main zipper
  • Functionality and practical
  • Lightweight
  • Durable Construction against wear and tear.
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-UV protection
  • Low maintenance

Potential deal breakers

  • Cumbersome care instructions
  • Potential Sizing Challenge: If the sizing runs large or small, as hinted in the description, it could be a challenge for customers to find the right fit without trying it on.
  • Asymmetrical hemline
  • Time consuming/inconvenient zipping and unzipping
  • Price
JackVest comes with a zippered storage bag for transportation and storage. You can buy JackVest from Graphene X.

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