Redragon FIZZ K617 Review Magnet Switch 60% Keyboard

Monday, March 25, 2024

While other Redragon keyboards use mechanical switches, the FIZZ K617 magnetic switch breaks the mold. It has special magnetic switches that make typing smoother and more responsive. These switches are built to last and are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the actuation performance to your preference.

The FIZZ K617 magnetic switch keyboard's case is crafted from matte black plastic, showcasing a subtle Redragon logo etching on the front and a recessed USB-C port on the left side. At the bottom, you'll find rubber pads and two sturdy kickstand feet for height adjustment. These kickstand feet feature a robust hinge with no wobbling and are rubberized at the front to provide grip on the desk when folded.

The FIZZ K617 utilizes Redragon's proprietary magnetic switches, which operate by employing magnets to trigger keypresses. Each key on the keyboard contains a magnet and a Hall Effect sensor. The magnet is affixed to the underside of the keycap, while the Hall Effect sensor is located beneath the switch. 

When a key is pressed, the magnet moves closer to the Hall Effect sensor, altering the magnetic field around it. The sensor detects this change and generates an electrical signal, indicating that the key has been pressed. The keyboard's circuitry processes this signal, registering the keypress and activating the corresponding function or character on the computer.

Unlike traditional mechanical switches, which rely on physical contacts to register keypresses, magnetic switches do not have any physical contacts that can wear out over time, resulting in a longer lifespan. Additionally, the lack of physical contacts in magnetic switches reduces friction, making keypresses smoother and more comfortable. While magnetic switches offer a consistent typing experience, they may not provide the same tactile feedback as mechanical switches.

Another advantage of magnetic switches is their reduced susceptibility to issues like double-pressing or key chatter, common in mechanical switches due to wear or debris accumulation. The magnetic switches in the FIZZ K617 can be removed and replaced, offering convenient maintenance. However, a drawback is the inability to hot swap the FIZZ K617 magnetic switches with other Redragon keyboards, limiting its versatility.

The sensitivity of the actuation point for the FIZZ K617 magnetic switches can be adjusted using Redragon's software, ranging from 0.1mm to 4mm. Additionally, Redragon's software provides access to 20 RGB presets, RGB customization, and the ability to set up macros and Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) mapping, which works similar to macros but faster as you can adjust actuation point latency.

Setting up DKS mapping isn't straightforward. To configure DKS mapping using the software, follow these steps. Begin by accessing the "Senior keys" section and selecting "Create" to open the key mapping grid. Here, assign keys and their subsequent actions from other keys or key combinations. After assigning a key, navigate to "Key Custom" to choose the designated key and click the icon labeled "Senior Keys." From the dropdown menu, select either DKS1 or DKS2. Finally, click "download" to retrieve the DKS mapping.

The RGB settings, effects, and brightness can all be adjusted directly from the keyboard without the need for software. The stock keycaps are crafted from double-shot ABS and feature various shades of gray, ranging from dark to light. 

While the legends on the keycaps are fully translucent, the smaller lettering for secondary functions is gray-colored, which may slightly reduce readability due to the decreased contrast.

The FIZZ K617 magnetic switch keyboard measures 29cm in length, 10cm in depth, and 3.5cm in height along the top row (4cm high with keyboard feet). The bottom row stands at 2.5cm in height. It weighs 536 grams.

Selling points
  • Compact form factor
  • DKS mapping
  • 0.1mm rapid trigger response
  • Great for FPS gaming
  • Durable magnetic switches
  • Ideal for competitive gaming
Potential deal breakers
  • Hard to see lettering on keycaps
  • Non-hotswappable
  • Odd placement of arrow keys
  • Not ideal for productivity
  • No wireless functionality
  • High price tag
  • No bluetooth connection
  • No 2.4Ghz connection
Accessories included are a detachable USB-C cable, switch puller, keycap puller and spare magnetic switches. You can buy the FIZZ K617 magnetic switch keyboard from RedragonShop. Check out more keyboardss: K641 Shaco Pro and Caraxes K644 SE

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