Divoom Planet 9 Review Mood Night Lamp Wake Up Alarm

Monday, September 14, 2020

Possibly named after the newly discovered and far-reaching Planet Nine planet, Divoom's new release of Planet 9 is closer to home though, and designed to spice up your mood!
The Divoom Planet 9 lamp has a quirky double-sided french horn-like design with ridged circular rubber feet, which provide good stability. The Planet 9 lamp is relatively lightweight (372 grams) and compact, measuring 13cm tall and 13 wide with a depth (thickness) of 8cm, allowing Planet 9 to fit on virtually any bedside table.
The Planet 9 shell is made entirely of hard plastic and integrates 28 RGB leds, which are arranged like a bullet chamber. You can design different color patterns and even animate them. Single solid color patterns and color mixing effects work well with good reproduction.
The panel covering the leds has a frosted-like finish with a contact lens shape, which gives the light a "skyglow" effect similar to a light diffuser. Using white leds only, Planet 9 can achieve a maximum brightness of 15 lumens from 6 watts of power, which is a similar brightness you get with a C7 night light bulb.
Planet 9 can work standalone but, if you want to enable the other features you will need to download the companion app - Divoom International - which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.
The Divoom International mobile app is the same app used by other Divoom products so, you can benefit from the same cool features, including DJ Mixer. That said, the Planet 9 desk lamp does not integrate a speaker so, it uses your smartphone's built-in speaker(s) to generate sounds. While making music and playing sounds, Planet 9's led lighting will flash in sync to the sounds.
The Planet 9 lamp integrates a buzzer/beeper for the wake up alarm function. The beeper makes a constant beep sound; hence it's not incremental. The beep sound is on the low/moderate scale and cannot be adjusted. The lighting brightness does increase from low to bright to mimic the sunrise, like wake up alarm clocks do. You can have the lighting disabled too if you want to.
The Divoom International mobile app also integrates other features such as social media notifications and sleep timer to turn off Planet 9 automatically. The sleep timer's preset intervals are 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. You can use the timer switch function if you want to choose the exact time you want the Planet 9 to turn off automatically.
When enabled from the app, tPlanet 9 will light up a particular color when receiving an alert from a specific social media platform, which you can singularly enable and disable from the app. These include Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, as well as incoming calls and missed calls. From the Divoom app, you can also play Internet radio from a list of preset radio stations.
Just above the rear button, which controls the brightness and microphone, there is a hole opening for securely mounting Planet 9 on to a wall. Below this rear button, there is a tiny pinhole battery status led and the USB-C charging port.
 The other physical button on the unit is located on top, protruding upwards with a distinctive shiny chrome accent, which is painted on since the button is made of plastic. This button is multi-functional, being also a dial knob, letting you power on/off the lamp, as well as changing the color of the lighting effect. Both physical buttons make a loud clicky sound when pressed. This button is also lets you reset Planet 9 by pressing it down for 8 seconds.
Aside from the Planet 9 lamp, the box contains a user guide and a Divoom-branded 1.20 meter long USB-A to USB-C, which is braided and has matte chrome finish on the connector plug terminals. More chrome finishes can be found on the side of the Planet 9 lamp via a Divoom branded tag, which contains a tiny ambient microphone pinhole that responds to sounds, making the leds light in sync to the sounds the microphone picks up. The Planet 9 microphone is not for phone calls and it's disabled by default. You can enable it from the Divoom app or by long holding the rear button on the unit.
With Planet 9, you can also tweak the color temperature from 1600k to 6500k. You can effectively change or create a mood in a small room. Since the leds are capable of emitting up to 6500k light, you can create a daylight setting or warm calming environment for snoozing off.
Planet 9's color rendering specification is listed as "80 at 4000k", which means Planet 9's 4000k lighting can accurately represent the color of objects. Color rendering is expressed as an index rating from 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest). Natural daylight has a color rendering rating of 100. The higher the value the better, being useful depending on the application. Planet 9's application is mood/night lighting; hence color rendering isn't likely to be as important as, say, a design studio or emergency room where accurate color representation would be very important.
Some mood/night lamps come with an IR remote control and others such as Planet 9 use a mobile app to control the unit. This provides a better range than an IR remote control, which usually requires additional batteries and having to point the remote directly at the unit. Thanks to app control, you don't have to be in direct line of sight since Planet 9 connects to the Divoom app via wireless connection, which provides a 10 meters range.
Divoom's Planet 9 recharges via 5V/2A input but will also charge at 1A or via a computer USB 2.0 port. Charging at 2A, charging time is 4.5 hours. At 1A, Planet 9 will fully charge within 5.5 hours. Planet 9 integrates a sizable 2500 mAh battery that provides a runtime of up to 24 hours when used standalone without bluetooth connection. Planet 9 connects to the Divoom mobile app via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The Divoom app also requires access to location, although account sign up is optional since you can log in as a guest, which gives you access to the app's full features.
Planet 9 does what it says on the tin, no more no less. If you want screen pixelation effect and bluetooth speaker functionality though, you should look to Ditoo, Tivoo or Timebox. You can buy the Divoom Planet 9 mood lamp from amazon. Check out the Divoom Pixoo Max.

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