Divoom Pixoo Max Review Pixel Art Photo Frame With Video Games And Alarm Clock

Thursday, October 07, 2021


Divoom Pixoo Max is a sleak, retro modern version of the Etch-A-Sketch Animator gadget from the 1980s! Pixoo Max can be hooked onto a wall, stuck onto glass or set on a desk like photo frame via a plastic kickstand accessory that clips into the side of Pixoo Max and keeps it upright at a slight angle.

Pixoo Max is constructed out of plastic with thick square rame with a 32x32 matrix grid panel built-in to the front that contains 1024 full customizable RGB leds. On the backside of Pixoo Max, there is a large Divoom engraving, as well as hole perforation for styling. The dimensions of Pixoo Max are 17cm high, 17cm wide, 2cm thick and 507 grams weight (without the suction cups). Each suction cup weighs 50 grams so, the total combined weight is 607 grams.

Pixoo Max has two hole openings (for wall mounting and kickstand mode), as well as the USB-C charging port, which is deeply recessed inside a long cutout. Plugging and unplugging the charging cable plug is a little tricky because of the narrow cutout. You literary have to pull from the cable in order to unplug it!

Speaking of charging, Pixoo Max can be used without the charging cable. There is a 5000mAh rechargeable battery built inside Pixoo Max that takes5 hours to recahrge via 5V/2A input. Battery life is approx. 10 hours at 50% brightness. To preserve battery life, you can enable automatic-power-off (30 minutes, 1 hr, 3 hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs and Off) via the Divoom app.

On the right side edge of Pixoo Max frame, there is a microphone pinhole and a long rocker button (for power and changing lighting modes). On the bottom and top of the frame, there is a metal threaded hole to screw in the suction cups. The microphone is designed for the noise meter function and voice command function (supported only by iOS devices). 

Voice command works via Apple's Siri voice assistant so, you can control animations via voice commands. There are limitations though (e.g. you cannnot turn off Pixoo Max via voice command). There is a buzzer built-in for the alarm clock function too but there aren't any speakers built-in ; hence you cannot play music via Pixoo Max. To turn off the alrm clock, you have to press the side button (the screen isn't touch screen).

Since the Pixoo Max doesn't have memory onboard, there is no option for recording audio either, which means you cannot use Pixoo Max as a voice recorder. There is also a car mode, which is also enabled via the Divoom app. Car mode works when Pixoo Max is connected to a power source such as a car 12V socket or smart plug. When the power source if powered on/off, Pixoo Max will power on and power off.

Pixoo Max communicates with the Divoom app via bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The app requires an account registration, as well as location access to the phone.Divoom app features 12 video games: pixel battle, pixel bee, pixel fighter, gomoku, pixel frog, block eliminator, pixel race, pixel snake, flappy wings, astro battle and magic 8 box. There is a planner built-in too so, you can schedule a time and day you want Pixoo Max to light up.

The Divoom app also features 12 different clock faces, as well as 12 different visualizers to choose from. By default, the startup animation that appears when powering on Pixoo Max is set to clock but, you can change it to a visualizer animation or choose a custom animation made by you.

The suction cups included are made of plastic (the nut and screw thread are made of metal). The suction cups integrate a plastic lever and two moving joints (ball joint and thumbscrew) that allows you to position the suction cups at specific angles. 

The suction cups work just like a regular car windscreen suction mount holder. Simply press the suction cup and flip the lever to lock the suction cup in place. To remove the suction cup, you simply undo the lever and peel off the suction cup by grabbing the small pull tab sticking out of it

The Divoom mobile app gives you access to a pixel art editor too, for making your very own pixel art. You also have access to a gallery of premade pixel art that you can choose from. When creating pixel art, you have the option to share ti to Divoom's online community so, other people can view and use your pixel art.

While the included suction cups are designed for car use, you can stick Pixoo Max onto any glass surface like on a bedroom window. Pixoo Max doesn't come with a protective case, which would have been nice to protect against bumps and impacts. 

 Other accessories included are stickers and a Divoom branded 2-meter long cable (USB-A to USB-C) that weighs 50 grams. The cable is made of stiff braiding and alloy plug connectors. Pixoo Max comes inside a hard cardboard box with protective foam insert. You can buy Divoom Pixoo Max from amazon. Check out the Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag, Divoom Planet 9 lamp and Divoom Ditto Bluetooth speaker.          


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