Pocket Shot Survival Kit Review

Friday, May 01, 2020

As a general rule, when finding yourself in a dire situation the first thing you want to do is call for help and that means, literary calling someone's attention. If physically calling for help doesn't work, reaching out for a phone is the next best thing, making a smartphone one of the most valuable items in any survival kit.
When making a preparedness kit, you want to prepare for likely scenarios, not just apocalyptic ones like seen on many doom and gloom, end-of-world blockbuster movies!
A zombie apocalypse is not a realistic scenario, whereas being kidnapped, getting lost in the woods or suffering under a devastating tornado or flood is a more realistic scenario.
Most of the items included in the Pocket Shot Survival Kit are useful single tools, although there is also a 4-in-1 multi-tool included.
The 4-in-1 multi tool is cleverly integrated in a plastic buckle and weighs just 14 grams. The tools include a flint w/striker, compass, whistle and the buckle itself.
The bag of 5/16 steel ammo weighs 60 grams, while the wire saw weighs 15 grams. The small baggy of safety pins, hooks and rubber worm weighs just 1.5 grams. There is cotton tinder included, folded foil (3 grams), fishing line roll (1 gram), carabiner (4 grams), wire roll (1 gram) and razor (1 gram). The total weight of the Pocket Shot Survival Kit is 240 grams.
The Pocket Shot Survival Kit also includes the upgraded blue PRO 2.0 pouch (weighs 15 grams). which has a longer lifespan (up to 500 shots) and it's more powerful, thanks to the longer draw length. The Pocket Shot Survival Kit stores neatly inside a tin box (weighs 23 grams) and a 43-gram hard-shell zip case with water-resistant fabric.
The slingshot you get with the Survival Kit is the standard Pocket Shot with the orange frame and black pouch, not the Pocket Shot 2.0 Gimbal-operated, which is made of all-metal aluminium.
While the standard Pocket Shot is not as rugged because it's made of plastic, it is lighter in weight (56 grams) and works as good with the black pouch which can project 1/4 inch steel ammo up to 350 feet per second (feet p/s).
loud whistle with functional spout
The heavier 5/16 steel ammo reduces the speed down to 300 feet p/s. The inner ring (mouth) of the standard Pocket Shot measures 40mm so, it's wide enough also for other types of ammo, including paint-balls.
While the orange frame is made of hard plastic, the inner ring is much tougher. So tough that Pocket Shot guarantees the inner ring is unbreakable under normal use. The included screw-on lid is designed to cap the Pocket Shot for safely storing ammo.
Like with all other Pocket Shots including the Pocket Hammer Mossy Oak and Hammer Pro Arrow Launcher, the lid has a second purpose and that is for removing the inner ring, holding the pouch in place.
Whichever survival kit you go for, the most important thing to remember is your own individual needs, environment you are in (i.e. wilderness, urban, arctic, desert, woods) and being realistic. John Rambo and Grizzly Adams may look cool on TV setting traps and snares out in the woods but, they are fictional characters. The reality of surviving by nature's rules is completely different, especially if you're the average Joe from big city life.
wire saw
You always want to be practical and realistic when picking items for a survival kit. The Pocket Shot Survival Kit can be useful as an addition to a larger survival kit that includes a water filter, basic first aid kit, medical kit, hygiene kit, and other useful items such as a lighter, flashlight, hammock, poncho, etc.
fishing line and wire rolls
The circular tin box that is included with the Pocket Shot Survival Kit can be used as a small water carrier and/or drinking cup, as well as to keep the survival kit away from rain and dust.
The Pocket Shot tin box is not watertight though, as there is no o-ring gasket. That said, even if there was a gasket seal around the tin box, it still wouldn't be enough to make it completely watertight because the tin box has a snap on lid similar to an Altoids tin box.
For the Pocket Shot tin box to be watertight, it would have to have both a gasket ring inside the lid and a locking mechanism, like a screw-on thread, to provide constant downward pressure on the gasket ring to prevent water ingress. A good example of this would be an M2A1 ammo can. You can buy the Pocket Shot Survival Kit, as well as ammo and pouches from amazon. The product is designed and made in the USA. Check out the new 3 Piece Takedown arrows and razortip broadheads.

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