Pocket Shot 2.0 Gimbal Operated Circular Slingshot

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The circular pocket slingshot has undergone yet, another evolution taking it from the classical circular slingshot made with sawed off plastic bottle tops to an all-aluminum gimbal operated circular slingshot appropriately called, Pocket Shot 2.0.
Pocket Shot 2.0 is based on the Pocket Shot Hammer but, instead of a handle, Pocket Shot 2.0 integrates a series of three aluminium rings pivoted at right angles to help the user keep the slingshot steady when drawing the pouch.
Pocket Shot 2.0, effectively, provides pivoted support in a single axis so, you can adjust the aim without having to physically move your hand around and, giving yourself away. You can effortlessly and discreetly tilt the aim left to right, up and down and, in a 360 degree rotation.
The body of Pocket Shot 2.0 is made of a single machined aluminium block with a brushed finish, making Pocket Shot 2.0 strong, soft to the touch and featherweight. The total weight of the Pocket Shot 2.0, including the pouch, is 157 grams (143 grams without the pouch).
Pocket Shot 2.0 disassembles into three separate parts, including the main body, the lid (for covering the front of the slingshot and store the ammo) and, the all-important metal pouch retainer that perfectly secures the pouch to the body of the pocket slingshot.
Provided that you tighten it snugly, it is virtually impossible for the pouch to come loose, eliminating any possible backfire, which is always a safety concern with slingshots.
Since the pouch retainer is designed to screw into the body of Pocket Shot 2.0, these parts are threaded. The pouch retainer thread is located on the outside, while the the thread on the body of Pocket Shot 2.0 is located inside. Both parts screw into one another smoothly and so effortlessly that you can do the twisting motion with one hand.
Covering the outer ring of the Pocket Shot 2.0 is a semi-transparent silicone rubber designed for grip and to also to allow the gimbal mechanism to move freely while you are grabbing it. Compared to the Pocket Shot Hammer PRO Arrow, the Pocket Shot 2.0 is way more portable, discreet and easy to store inside a trouser pocket.
The Pocket Shot 2.0 comes with a very fitting hardshell zip carry case that integrates a useful metal carabiner. The carry case is large enough to store a Pocket Shot 2.0 with a draw pouch attached, as well as a spare pouch.
Speaking of pouches, there are two pouches included (PRO pouch 2.0), which are new redesigns of the previews PRO pouch.
PRO pouch 2.0 weighs just 14 grams and looks virtually identical to the regular PRO pouch but, the new PRO pouch 2.0 can be drawn further and has a longer lifespan rating, lasting twice as long as the regular PRO pouch.
The rated speed for the new PRO pouch is up to 350 feet per second (fps), which is searing speed you typically get with crossbows. Of course, to be able to shoot anywhere close to 350fps, you will nee to use the right ammo inside the PRO pouch 2.0. The recommended ammo includes 1/4-inch to 5/16-inch steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs (0.4 cal) and Airsoft.
If you already own a circular pocket slingshot and/or are considering getting one to hone your target practice skills, the new Pocket Shot 2.0 will be a better choice than the classical slingshot because of the new design improvements and quality build. The Pocket Shot 2.0 is a piece of fine craftsmanship you won't find currently on the slingshot market and, it's easier to use than over-the-top slingshots or through-the-forks slingshots. Check out the review of the Pocket Shot - the Survival Kit and the new 3 Piece Takedown arrows and razortip broadheads.

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