SOUNDPEATS Truebuds Review TWS Earphones With Powerbank Mode

Monday, June 15, 2020

Providing exceptional value for money, the SOUNDPEATS Truebuds are a force to be reckoned with! Features include super long battery life, clear vocals for music and conference calls and powerbank mode, which allows you to use the Truebuds charging case like a power bank.
The Truebuds integrate a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that supports SBC and AAC but not aptX which minimizes latency on android devices like the AAC codec does for iOS devices. The Truebuds charging case is fairly large but, it can recharge the earbuds 20 times over, which is a total of 70 hours of playtime from a single recharge.
While heavier than most at 105 grams, the charging case looks anything but bulky, thanks to its long and flat slimline design measuring 9.5cm long, 5cm wide and 2.5cm tall. You can easily slide the charging case in and out of a pocket and the smooth matte coating minimizes markings and oily fingerprints.
The Truebuds charging case is mostly unmarked aside from etched branding on the top and lettering on the flat base of the charging case.
There is a slit on the front of the Truebuds charging case and a plastic hinge that makes it easy to flip open the lid of the charging case. Just below the slit, there is four tiny leds to indicate the battery status of the charging case.
The charging USB-C port is positioned on the side of the charging case and it's exposed to the elements.
The maximum input power the USB-C port can accept safely is 5V/1A, which is enough power to fully charge the 2600mAh battery inside the charging case in just 3 hours.
The Truebuds USB-C port also supports charging out to recharge external devices like the TrueShift 2 earbuds. The Truebuds earphones take 1.5 hours to fully charge and each earbud can provide 3.5 hours of listening on 70% volume.
The bathtub-like design of the charging case allows the earbuds to rest longways inside the charging case, which is different to most earbuds with a stem design since they usually come inside a vertical charging case.
The earbuds are magnetically embedded inside the charging case but protrude just enough to be removed easily from the charging case with two fingers. The Truebuds have good dimensions and low weight (5 grams each) with a stem design that helps keep the earbuds securely in the ears.
The Truebuds are equipped with 14.2mm drivers, which are huge compared to the 6mm drivers most true wireless earbuds come with. The oval design of the nozzles and large acoustic chamber allows the Truebuds drivers to deliver superb dynamics and fit comfortably since, sitting outside of the ear-canal.
Truebuds dimensions 44mm x 22mm x 17mm

USB-A charging output
The sound signature is bright sounding, meaning the Truebuds have been tuned to have more emphasis on higher frequencies (midrange and treble) than bass. Vocals and instruments sound clean and clear with no distortion at max level. Using foam ear tips is one way to increase the bass although, you can't attach regular ear-tips to the Truebuds because of the earbud nozzle design.
Audio playback (including volume and skipping tracks) and calls are controlled via the touch control panel on the front of the earbuds, which have an actuation similar to the touch controls on the TrueShift 2 earbuds.
Subtle taps is all that is required to activate each function. The Truebuds can also be powered on and off manually or automatically by removing the earbuds or putting them back in the charging case.
Bluetooth pairing is quick and easy, requiring only one connection to pair both earbuds at the same time. You can seamlessly switch between the left and right earbuds for mono stereo listening without having to re-pair the earbuds individually, which is neat. There is virtually no re-connection delay (~1 sec) when going from stereo to mono listening. You can also use them independently paired to two separate devices.
There is two microphones per earbud, one on top and the other microphone at the bottom of the stem.There is a total of four electret type microphones with noise filters that provide the Truebuds with good amplification sound for call conversations in a noisy setting. You can buy the SOUNDPEATS Truebuds from amazon.
short USB-A to USB-C charging cable
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