SOUNDPEATS TrueShift 2 Review True Wireless Powerbank Earbuds

Friday, June 05, 2020

It is useful carrying a powerbank because you will never know when you might need extra charge! Most powerbanks do come standalone but, some gadgets have been cleverly equipped with the ability to output charge, turning them into nifty portable chargers!

One of those gadgets include the SOUNDPEATS TrueShift 2 true wireless earbuds, which comes equipped with a USB-A output that lets you use the TrueShift 2 charging case as a power bank to recharge external devices. The rechargeable battery inside the TrueShift 2 charging case packs a whopping 3,000mAh capacity, which is similar to the battery capacity of some smartphones.
The TrueShift 2 charging case is made of hard plastic with a semi-transparent smoked out tint lid designed to allow the user to see the charging status of the earbuds without having to flick open the charging case.
The front of the charging case integrates the USB-A output port, alongside a USB-C input concealed by a long rubber flap with the word SOUNDPEATS etched on to it. The rubber flap is held by a thin rubber hinge that lets you fully detached the rubber flap out of the way. The USB-C input draws a maximum input of 5V/1A.
Because the charging output is via cable connection, there is no loss of power like there is with Qi wireless charging; hence you could top up a smartphone almost to full, although it would take a while because the TrueShift 2 charging case can only output 5V/1A. The charging case can recharge the TrueShift 2 earbuds 16 times over (100 hours total playtime!)
Because of the massive battery built-in, the TrueShift 2 charging case is wider and heavier (100 grams) than the charging case of most true wireless earbuds. That said, the TrueShift 2 charging case is very portable and easily slides inside a pocket, thanks to its rounded off low-profile, short height (3.3cm) and slimline design, measuring just 9cm long and 5.5cm wide.
Upon opening the charging case, you are presented with a very spacious docking area that integrates four vertical small battery leds and the letters R and L etched on the top corners. The docking area has a smooth matt black finish and wide-enough cutouts for pulling out the earbuds comfortably.
The front touch control panel of the earbuds feature a large letter S (SOUNDPEATS logo) etching, reminiscent of the superman logo outline.
Below the S logo, there is a small status led. The etching of the S logo and outside perimeter are made of glossy hard plastic, while the rest of the front panel has a matte finish. The front panel has very good touch sensitivity that only require subtle taps to register. You can wear gloves too but they have to be very thin.
The body of the TrueShift 2 earbuds is made of hard plastic with a matter smooth finish and angled nozzles. The rubber earwing has been constructed around the mid-section of the earbud and features quirky-looking loops that look like cat ears. Despite their bulky size, the TrueShift 2 earbuds weight just 6 grams each.
The earwings do a good job of providing added security, making the TrueShift 2 ideal for vigorous workouts indoors and outdoors, thanks to the IPX7 waterproof resistance. When it comes to replacing the earwings, it's straightforward, thanks to built-in notches that keep the earwings in the exact spot.
Working time is up to 6 hours when playing via default bluetooth (SBC) and 50% volume and around 4.5 hours via AAC. The TrueShift 2 earbuds use the Airoha AB1536U Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which supports 10 meters wireless range, as well as AAC and SBC. There is no aptX support for high resolution audio.
The TrueShift 2 touch controls support full audio playback, volume control, calls (including call switching), voice assistant and power so, you can turn the earbuds on and off manually.
The earbuds do power on and off automatically when taken and placed into the charging case. You can also factory reset the earbuds by holding down the buttons on both earbuds for 10 seconds.
The TrueShift 2 earbuds only take 2 hours to recharge, while the charging case takes 4 hours to fully charge via USB-C connectivity. The earbuds have a long standby time of 2 months.
The Bluetooth pairing process is the same as the TrueBuds, which is easy and straightforward and only require pairing one earbud for both stereo and mono listening with either earbud.
This makes the TrueShift 2 one of the most convenient true wireless earbuds to buy because of the seamless transition between earbuds without the need of having to re-pair for mono listening.
When switching from mono to stereo listening, there is only a 1 second delay before the second earbud reconnects. You can use the TrueShift 2 earbuds individually too.
There is a microphone in each earbud, which provides loud and clear voice calls even in loud environments. That said, the mics aren't noise canceling but do have some type of noise reduction because loud backgrounds don't seem to affect a call conversation.
The TrueShift 2 truly wireless earbuds come with a 30cm long USB-A to USB-C cable, spare eartips/wings, and user information. You can buy the SOUNDPEATS TrueShift 2 on Amazon.

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