Tranya T10 Review Earbuds With Qi Wireless Charging Case

Friday, July 24, 2020

Nothing wrong with wires for the ultimate listening experience but, nothing beats the convenience of true wireless stereo (TWS). True wireless earbuds have come along way and are here to stay, thanks to neat features such as Qi wireless charging support, which some integrate, including the Tranya T10!
The Tranya T10 come with a pebble shaped charging case coated with smooth matte black finish and rounded edges. There is a subtle Tranya brand laser etching on top of the case. The base of the Tranya T10 charging case is flat, allowing you to rest the charging upright on a desktop.
The Tranya T10 charging case weighs 40 grams and it's wider than most true wireless earbuds charging cases but with good reason since it integrates a Qi wireless charging coil, enabling the Tranya T10 charging case to be charged without a cable via a wireless charger (not included). As far as charging time, the Tranya T10 charging case takes 2 hours, while the T10 earbuds take 1 hour to charge. When charging wirelessly, the T10 charging case takes 6.5 hours via a 5W Qi charger. (5W is the maximum wireless input).
Because of how wide the Tranya T10 charging case is, it has a wider opening, reminiscent of a clam-shell. The docking area contains the earbud slots, which are wide and recessed with a beveled perimeter, allowing you to easily tilt them out of the charging case.
You can also try pulling the earbuds out of the charging case, although it's not as easy (especially with sweaty fingers) because the top part of the earbuds isn't rubberized. During initial bluetooth pairing, the Tranya T10 pair to a device as left and right devices (T10-R and T10-L) similarly to the Tranya B530 earbuds. Once paired, you can seamlessly switch between earbuds while keeping the other earbud in the charging case for mono audio. There is a 2-second re-connection delay when going from mono to stereo.
You can use the Tranya T10 earbuds independently so, the earbuds can be paired with two separate devices. The Tranya T10 earbuds can be used as bluetooth mono earpieces since each earbud integrates a microphone, which is natural sounding and with good amplification and noise reduction (cVc 8.0).
Speaking of the Rimor earbuds, the Tranya T10 earbuds have a similar elongated shell design with bulgy nozzles, which house 12mm graphene drivers. The Tranya T10 driver size is larger than the Rimor earbuds 10mm drivers and, twice as large as most true wireless earbuds, which are equipped with 6mm drivers.
Because of the larger driver size, the Tranya T10 earbuds stick out of the ears a bit more than most true wireless earbuds, which tend to have shorter nozzles. If you prefer earbuds with a lowkey profile, you should look to the Tranya B530 earbuds. That said, if you like deep bass and larger sound, you will get this with the Tranya T10, thanks to the larger sound chambers.
The Tranya T10 earbuds also have metal mesh tips on the nozzles with rather unique perforations, which help shape a distinctive sound signature. The Tranya T10 earbuds are bulky looking but they only weigh 5 grams each so, they stay in the ears pretty well for exercising. They also have iPX7 water/sweat resistance.
The front panel of the Tranya T10 earbuds has the same T-logo glossy design found on many Tranya true wireless earbuds, which feels like tapping on glass. The front panel has touch control sensitivity with good responsiveness, requiring only light touches. The Tranya T10 earbuds can be manually powered on and powered off. You can also automatically turn them on and off when taking them in and out of the charging case.
The Tranya T10 controls let you skip tracks forwards and backwards, volume up and down and answer/reject/ end calls. That said, the Tranya T10 earbuds have the same controls as other Tranya earbuds (i.e. Rimor and B530); hence to volume up and down, you have to tap twice, instead of doing long press, which is more convenient.
The Tranya T10 earbuds support quick charge; hence from a 10 minute recharge the earbuds can provide up to 1 hour worth of play time. You can get a total of 4 hours playtime per earbud on 50% volume and three additional charges from the charging case, which can hold 24 hours worth of power.
The bluetooth version you have running on your phone will determine strong connectivity and battery life. The Tranya T10 earbuds use a Bluetooth 5.0 chip which supports aptX and AAC. This means, lag is very minimal when watching videos from an Android or iOS device.
Included in the box is also a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, ear tips and user guide. You can get 40% off, using promo code: Gadget40 when buying from Tranya website or alternatively, you can buy the Tranya T10 true wireless earbuds from amazon.

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