Divoom Ditoo Bluetooth Speaker Review Pixel Art Display Computer

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Modeled after a mini desktop computer, Divoom Ditoo is a quirky little piece of equipment with a pixel art display, keyboard keys and bluetooth speaker, all constructed into one single piece; hence the keyboard and monitor are not detachable.
The speaker is integrated inside the monitor display, firing upward; hence the square speaker grille on top, which is made of perforated hard plastic. The grille measures 4.7cm across (top to bottom) and 4cm long from side to side.
Divoom Ditto has a similar retro style to the Tivoo TV speaker but, instead of a TV shape, Ditto has the style of a classic CRT computer monitor with rounded edges and bulky screen.
Divoom Ditoo measures 12cm high by 9cm wide and weighs 520 grams. The screen has a beveled edge and measures 8.5cm from corner to corner.
speaker port vent
Ditoo has a total depth of 10cm with the monitor itself having a depth of 7cm. The keyboard is 8cm long by 4cm across from top to bottom. There are two row of key caps, each measuring 5cm long. The back row is 1.5cm tall while the bottom row is 1cm high.
The brass looking lever is made of hollow plastic and activates a physical button. The lever seems styled after a gaming joystick or car gear shift, although the lever only moves downward, making a subtle knocking sound as you pull down on it.
The keyboard integrates real keycaps with clicky sounding button switches and translucent character etching, which are backlit.
The keycap buttons control various functions, including menu navigation, skipping tracks, volume/up/down, and answering/ending calls, which is done by pulling on the brass lever during an incoming call. Ditto does have to be connected to your phone in order to take a call via Ditoo.
Divoom Ditoo is packed with functional features too, including pixel art creation, stopwatch, voice memo recording, social media notification, Internet radio, scoreboard, noise meter and wake up alarm. Some of these features do require downloading the Divoom mobile app.
There are a total of 8 retro games to choose from, including tetris, slot machine, dice, magic 8, blocks, flap bird, snake and racing.
The games are playable and offer a decent gaming experience despite the large pixelation. Tetris displays well since it's naturally a pixel-based video game similar to space invaders, which is another game that could have worked well on Ditoo.
The base of Divoom Ditoo is square with a beveled edge and four small feet (one on each corner), measuring 3mm tall, which provide good stability and height.
The input/connectivity ports are located on the right hand side of Ditoo and consist of a micro SD card, status led, power on/off button and USB-C charging port surrounded by a hard plastic front fascia. The 3000mAh (3.7V) battery inside Divoom Ditoo recharges via 5V/2A USB-C input. You are required to use a 5V wall adapter since there isn't voltage protection built-in.
The internal battery takes 4 hours to fully charge and can provide up to 8 hours of playtime on 50% volume and when connected to a Bluetooth 5.0 audio source. Ditoo is a Bluetooth 5.0 audio device, although it only supports standard bluetooth; hence not aptX or AAC support.
Speaking of audio, Divoom Ditoo has good audio dynamics via the single 45mm driver, which outputs 10 watts of power. The speaker driver produces good bass sound and clean midrange and treble, although really high and bassy audio can overwhelm the built-in DSP processor, distorting the sound momentarily. The alarm feature gradually increases the volume sound when the alarm is triggered.
In terms of brightness, Divoom Ditoo's screen is not as brightly lit as Divoom's Timebox speaker radio. Ditoo's screen appears dimmed down outdoors in broad daylight, performing better in a low light environment or indoors in a lightly lit room.
The pixelated animations work well, showing menus and icons such as bluetooth, battery status and micro SD card, which supports up to 64GB capacity.
Divoom Ditoo comes inside a plastic carry box with a thick rubber handle. The carry box is made of fairly thin plastic with a hinged clear plastic door, reminiscent of a mini fridge cooler.
The included 32cm long charging cable has a flexible braided sleeve with Divoom laser etchings on the connector plugs, which are made of hard plastic.
Pixelated emoji stickers  are also included, as well as a nicely detailed user guide that walks through all the features. You can buy Divoom Ditoo on amazon. Check out the review of the Planet 9 lamp and Divoom Pixoo Max.

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