Redragon H510 Zeus White Review Budget Gaming Headset With Good Mic

Friday, September 25, 2020

A very underrated gaming headset with huge bang for your buck, the Redragon H510 Zeus White comes with everything you look for in a high-end gaming headset! Compared to a USB-only gaming headset, nothing beats the flexibility of a headset that offers both digital and analog connection. If you don't want to connect the Redragon H510 Zeus White via USB, you have the 3.5mm option. You can connect directly to a computer or via an external DAC, in which case the included 3.5mm splitter comes handy.
The male 3.5mm to headphone/microphone splitter cable has color coded connectors rings (green for headphone and red for microphone), which correspond to the green headphone port and pink mic port of a computer. Some computers (particularly laptops) have a single audio jack for the headphone and microphone; hence they only require a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male connection. If your computer has a combo audio jack, you will only need to use the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm male cable.
The Redragon H510 Zeus White comes with three soft braided cables, all of them with textured hard plastic plugs. The cables include a 2-meter long USB-A to 3.5mm cable, a 1-meter long 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable (weighs 26 grams) and a short female 3.5mm to headphone/microphone splitter cable (weighs 10 grams).
The USB-A to 3.5mm male cable is much thicker and integrates a large inline remote unit for controlling the volume and muting the headphone sound and the microphone sound. A status led is located dead centre to feedback power and mute status. The led will blink red/blue when the microphone is muted and will blink red during audio playback. The led will light solid red when unplugged from the audio connection.
The H510 Zeus White inline remote unit is made of hard plastic, while the buttons are large and made of rubber with engraved symbols. The buttons make subtle clicks when pressed. There is dedicated volume buttons so, you can volume up and volume down, although there isn't a "max volume beep" to alert you when you have reached max volume.
The inline remote is weighty (weighs 20 grams by itself) so, it weighs down on the headset if you have it dangling. Luckily, the inline remote hangs around the belly button (55cm away from the earcup) so, you can easily rest the inline remote on a desk while playing. The inline remote cable total weight is 72 grams, bringing the total weight of the headset up to 340 grams, including the boom microphone, which measures 12cm long.
The Redragon H510 Zeus White has a single-entry headphone port; hence it only has one female 3.5mm headphone jack, which is located below the left earcup. The female 3.5mm headphone jack has a protruding metal ring. Just above the headphone jack, there is the microphone port, which has a square recessed cut-out design to fit the square plug of the boom arm microphone. 
While most detachable microphone headsets seem to use a twist-lick mechanism to secure the microphone to the earcup, the recessed /thick square plug design of the H510 Zeus White works as well (if not better) at protecting the jack connector from coming off or breaking.
The vast majority of wired gaming headsets have a single-entry headphone port, although some have a headphone port on each earcup so, you can connect the headphone cable on either earcup. When inserting the Redragon H510 Zeus White into a computer, it will show in the Playback devices as a speaker 6-USB audio device
The Redragon H510 Zeus White has a good USB DAC and amplifier and massive 53mm speaker drivers, which provide powerful volume (110dB), clean treble, clear midrange and thumping bass. 
You can EQ the default sound signature by downloading the Redragon H510 software. The software only supports Windows computers (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10).
Despite the 64ohm impedance rating of the drivers, the Redragon H510 Zeus White headset sounds just as good via a computer or smartphone headphone jack. As long as power isn't greater than 30mW, you can connect the Redragon H510 Zeus White to any audio interface, including a mixer or external amp.
The Redragon H510 Zeus White comes with a detachable omni-directional microphone, which is attached to a boom arm extension cable. The microphone connects via auxiliary jack connection; hence it is not the rotating type. The boom arm is bendable and will maintain its bent position securely.
Being omni-directional and without noise cancellation, the H510 Zeus White microphone picks up sound from all around you. That said, the microphone does come with a thick foam windscreen which helps drown background noise. The microphone itself, delivers crisp and clear sound and, it's good enough for recording audio.
The Redragon H510 Zeus White has a similar headphone construction to the Helios H710 headset with flat yokes and exposed earcup wiring. The earcups and headband are made of plastic, although the inner band yoke is made of anodized metal. The retainer hinges that hold the earcups in place are made of plastic. The outer front panels of the earcups are made of plastic with a chrome accent of Redragon's logo embossed in the centre.
The earcups do tilt up and down with a bit of swivel give, although there is no practical left to right swivel motion. The swivel feature on headphones does help minimize jawline pressure, as well as transportation since you're able to rotate the earcups flat. There is no RGB lighting on this headset but you can get this with the newer Zeus X H510 headset.
Despite the lack of earcup swivel, the Redragon H510 Zeus White headset is relatively comfortable, thanks to cushiony 2.5cm thick earpads covered with soft artificial leather. The inner hole of the earpads is also lined with artificial leather; whereas the inner hole of the Helios H710 earpads is lined with breathable mesh, which creates a bit more ventilation to minimize heat/sweat build-up during long usage.
The inner hole of the Redragon H510 Zeus White earpads measures 5.5cm high and 4cm wide with a 2cm depth to the driver, which is covered with thin padding. Most earcup drivers (including the Helios H710 headset) are protected by a thin layer of fabric, making the H510 Zeus White a good choice for those concerned about their ears rubbing against the speaker drivers. The outer diameter of the H510 Zeus White earpads is 10cm high and 8cm wide.
The underside of the headband has 2cm thick foam padding that goes all the way around to the sides; hence you get full head coverage. The headband is very wide too, measuring 3.5cm wide. Other accessories in the box are a cable management velcro strap, as well as a Redragon branded drawstring bag made of PUL, which is a polyester/polyurethane laminated knit fabric that is waterproof. You can buy the H510 Zeus 2 from amazon. Check out the review of the Pandora2 H350 headset.

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