SwitchBot Lock & Keypad Touch Review Smart Lock Thumb Turn With Fingerprint Keypad

Friday, October 07, 2022

SwitchBot Lock & Keypad Touch are a new smart lock solution designed to turn a thumb turn deadlock (cylinder style lock) without making any modifications to the existing door handle/lock hardware.
SwitchBot Lock is made entirely of plastic and features a thumb turn on the front and a coupler adapter on the rear to actuate the door's thumb turn lock. The SwitchBot Lock thumb turn is motorized but can also be manually rotated to lock and unlock the door. The thumb turn lock has a 4.5cm diameter and can be freely rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise infinitely. The thumb turn lock has a flat head, making it easy to pinch with the fingers and, it measures 4cm long, 0.6cm thick and 1.3cm deep. The rear facing female coupler has a 3.5cm diameter and has a 2cm depth.  

Just above SwitchBot Lock thumb turn, there is a tiny status led indicator, which can be disabled via the SwitchBot app. The status led does not blink or flash other than briefly illuminating during locking and unlocking. During locking, you can hear the audible whining noise of the motor - similar to SwitchBot Blind Tilt - as well as a loud beep to alert you that the door is locked or unlocked. The beep alert can be disabled via the app too. 

SwitchBot Lock looks like an AC wall adapter design with a bulky head section that contains the battery compartment (two CR123A batteries) - easily accessible by sliding off the cover lid. On the rear bottom section, there is the coupler adapter designed to hold the thumb turn lock of the door and actuate the cylinder lock, just like you would with your fingers. 

The coupler measures 2cm deep and, it is made of plastic. It can interchanged with two other couplers that are included to suit different thumb turn locks. The coupler is held together by two plastic posts so, you can easily detach it. Being plastic though, the posts could potentially snap under strain. 

SwitchBot Lock weighs 252 grams and measures 11cm high, 5.5cm wide and 6cm deep. The depth can be adjusted up to 12cm by removing the screw and sliding out the built-in adjuster. SwitchBot Lock is designed to work alongside SwitchBot Keypad Touch - a digital coded access keypad that turns a door into a neat external door entry keypad system. 

Keypad Touch is also battery operated via two CR123A batteries and uses bluetooth to connect to the SwitchBot app. SwitchBot Keypad Touch is also made of plastic with metal dome switch buttons which also illuminate. The battery cover integrates a rubber o-ring to prevent dust and water ingress, making Keypad Touch suitable for outdoors. SwitchBot Keypad Touch can be mounted onto a smooth wall or wooden door two ways: via 3M adhesive or via a metal screw on bracket.

As well as a physical keypad, SwitchBot Keypad Touch integrates a buzzer, status leds, an NFC card activated sensor and fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock using the included NFC card and your finger. Keypad Touch has a 5 meter (16ft) range so, you can position it further away from SwitchBot Lock. SwitchBot Keypad Touch weighs 62 grams and measures 11cm high, 3.8cm wide and 3.5cm deep.
SwitchBot Lock and Keypad Touch are supported by the SwitchBot mobile app, which is free to download but requires an account registration before you can use it. No issues were experienced when using the SwitchBot app, which has a user friendly interface with on-screen diagrams, showing you how to setup the devices. 
SwitchBot app includes phone notification alerts (e.g. remote unlock notification, low battery notification) and buzzer alarm to warn you when the door is not closed properly. Keypad Touch also has a buzzer alarm which triggers when someone removes the keypad from its mounted position. 
SwitchBot Lock's "auto lock" time can be set to any time of your choosing. The passcode is also set via the SwitchBot app. You can create a permanent, temporary or emergency pass code and type in random numbers before entering the real passcode to prevent someone from memorizing your passcode. Keypad Touch is capable of memorizing up to 100 different passcodes for different users, as well as 100 different fingerprints. 

 Potential deal breakers
  • SwitchBot app requires an account registration and has only 2.5 star rating
  • Remote unlock notification requires the use of SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately)
  • Audible whining noise from motor
  • Plastic construction
  • Not compatible with round head thumb turn locks
  • Battery operated
  • No built-in battery or passthrough charging port for charging the batteries
  • Requires SwitchBot Hub Mini in order to use Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, IFTTT, SmartThings and Clova
  • No mountable screw option for SwitchBot Lock
  • Non-reusable 3M adhesive
  • Does not support Homekit Home Assistant 

Selling points SwitchBot Lock & Keypad Touch
  • Easy to install via 3M adhesive
  • 3M adhesive - no drilling required
  • SwitchBot app works without issues
  • User friendly
  • Anti-tamper alert (Keypad Touch)
  • Time adjustable Auto lock function (Lock)
  • Detailed user guides  
  • Keypad Touch uses metal dome buttons - longer lifespan
  • Real time unlocking and locking
  • Ideal for private renters, short term stays (e.g. airbnb)
  • Magnetic accessory included to detect if door left ajar
  • Smart door lock key tag (Keypad Touch)
  • Bluetooth low energy - longer battery life
  • Compatible with iOS11 (and higher), WatchOS and Android 5.0 and higher
  • Supports voice commands (Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri)
  • Compatible with online digital automation platforms: IFTTT, SmartThings and Clova
SwitchBot Lock and Keypad Touch remove the need to physically install a door lock, making it extremely appealing for short-term homestays, holiday homes, apartment rentals and multiple occupancy renting. You can buy Lock and Keypad Touch from SwitchBot and amazon and get 7% off (until Oct 10th) and 25% off (Oct 10th-Oct 17th) using promo code 7SWITCHBOT. Check out the review of SwitchBot Meter, SwitchBot Humidifier, and SwitchBot Curtain.

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