Redragon NOCTIS K632 PRO Review 60% Keyboard With Hot Swap Low Profile Switches

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Get a tactical advantage over your opponents with Redragon's new NOCTIS K632 PRO keyboard. It has a unique 60% form factor with low profile switches for faster reaction times!

The NOCTIS K632 PRO keyboard comes equipped with slim doubleshot ABS keycaps and 3-pin hot swappable low profile huano red switches that you can physically remove and replace. The NOCTIS K632 PRO can be connected 3 ways: via cable, bluetooth connection and 2.4Gh wireless dongle.

As well as keys, the NOCTIS K632 PRO integrates rubber buttons (mushy non-clicky actuation) and metal wheel barrel for volume control. The rubber buttons  (G1-G4/MR) and knurled metal wheel barrel are the exact same found on the K621 Horus TKL and K618 Horus full size board. There is also the M1-M4 profile keys, each profile can assign 5 macro keys from G1 to G5, a total of 20 groups of macro recordings. This is how it works: Press FN+(F1-F4)key to set a profile group, the key lights ON. Press the MR key (MR key lights ON), then press the G key (G1 /G2/G3/G4/G5), and the key lights ON. Record the desired keys. Press the MR key to complete the recording (MR key lights OFF). For example, M1—> MR —> G1 —> ABC—) MR. To restore to factory settings: press FN+CAPS LOCK and the keyboard will reboot to stock settings.

On the bottom of the NOCTIS K632 PRO keyboard, you find the 2.4Ghz dongle (magnetically attached), single raiser feet and a tiny on/off switch to toggle between bluetooth and 2.4Ghz. The rubber feet are covered with grippy rubber all around to prevent the keyboard from sliding off when flat or raised. The feet hinge is not the strongest but the feet do not wobble. 

With the feet elevated, the top of the keycap measures 3cm high, while the bottom of keycap measures 2cm high. Without the feet, the top of keycaps measures 2.5cm, making the keybed almost horizontal against the desk. The NOCTIS K632 PRO keyboard measures 29.5cm long and 12.5cm deep and has a metal reinforced outer edge. The top plate and bottom side of keyboard are plastic. Total weight of the NOCTIS K632 PRO is 422 grams.

The NOCTIS K632 PRO RGB lighting can be controlled from the keyboard, although it is a bit limited - only dynamic single color and multicolor, which are mostly rainbow type color effects with different patterns(e.g. breathing, wave, etc) and white static single solid color. To customize the RGB and access more effects, you have to download the Redragon software, which also features macro editing and 3 accessible profiles. Battery life is about 25 hours with RGBs Off via 2.4Ghz wireless. Charging time is around 5 hours.

 Potential deal breakers
  • Switches and keycaps not as easy to customize due to low profile design.
  • Mushy membrane style function buttons 
  • No dual feet for height adjustment  
  • Low profile switches  are not compatible with regular keycaps
  • RGB lighting turns off automatically - sleep mode cannot be disabled 
  • Limited RGB effects
  • Slightly larger than most 60% keyboards
  • RGB lighting not as vibrant
  • Not suitable for office work/typing due to low tactile feedback
  • Not compatible with 5-pin switches 
  • Basic software - keys cannot be remapped

Selling points for NOCTIS K632 PRO
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Compatible with Horus k618 TKL and Anivia k614 low profile switches 
  • Low profile switches and keycaps
  • Thin form factor, can be easily stored inside a laptop sleeve.
  • On-board media buttons
  • More functional than most 60% keyboards
  • On-board profile buttons
    On-board macro buttons
  • Supports bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless
  • Media shortcut keys 
  • Software support 
  • RGB backlighting
  • pre-lubed dummy switch stabs
  • 2.4Ghz dongle magnetically attached
  • Faster actuation, thanks to low profile switches
  • Dual plug cable with right angle USB-C plug
  • Automatic sleep mode (power saving)
 Accessories included with the NOCTIS K632 PRO are a switch metal puller, keycap metal puller, 4 replacement switches, Redragon stickers, velcro strap and detachable USB-C cable (to USB-A/USB-C) for wired mode. 

The USB-C cable is made of rubber and has a right angle plug to prevent the plug from sticking out of the keyboard. You can buy the NOCTIS K632 PRO from RedragonShop and amazon. Consider also the Pollux K628 PRO 75% keyboard, Castor K631 PRO 60%, Royal Kludge RK925 low profile keyboard, Elf Pro K649 transparent keyboard, Garen K656 Pro.

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