Tranya F4 Review Stem Earbuds With Low Latency And Good Mic

Friday, October 14, 2022

A great deal to performance ratio from the Tranya F4 - an AirPod lookalike alternative without the Apple price tag that you can use daily to answer calls, listen to music and play mobile games in low latency!

The Tranya F4 charging case has a curved pebble shape, glossy finish with a vertical charging dock so, the earbuds have to be pinched from the top and slid out of the case upright. The bottom of the charging case is curved and features the USB-C charging port. 

The Tranya F4 earbuds also have a glossy finish (body nozzle)and matte finish (backside/stem) with a pod style body shell and a cigarette style stem with a chrome accent charging contact at the bottom end. The chrome bottom tip is guarded by a metal mesh housing a microphone. At the top of the earbud faceplate, there is a status led, microphone and touch control. 
Touch controls include: play/pause, skip to previous/next, volume up/down, voice assistant, game mode and calls (answer/reject/end). They are controlled via four gestures: single tap, double tap, triple tap, quadruple tap and long press.
There is no automatic pairing; hence the Tranya F4 earbuds must be taken out of the case to connect. Other than a 3 second re connection delay, you can quickly switch between earbuds for seamless mono listening without audio cutting off or bluetooth disconnecting. 
The earbuds have built-in prompts for game mode, which automatically cutoff the volume (momentarily) so, you can hear the prompt loud and clear at low or high volume. Dimensions of the Tranya F4 case are 5cm long x 5cm wide x 2cm thick and 27 grams in weight.The F4 earbuds weigh 4 grams each. As far as battery performance, the case takes 2 hours to charge via cable and can hold 15 hours of power. The F4 earbuds take 1 hour to charge. Battery life (at 100% volume) is 6 hours (via AAC) and 5 hours (via game mode).

The sound performance is very good too, thanks to 13mm dynamic drivers which pump plenty of clean bass without distorting the vocal and treble range. The microphones for calls do a good job too, considering the price. Voice calls are loud and natural sounding with background noise suppression, which works surprisingly well.

Potential deal breakers
  • Charging case does not sit upright (because of curved bottom) and you cannot charge the case with the lid open because the lid closes itself when resting the case on a desk. Being able to keep the case lid open is useful to air dry the buds, especially after a sweaty workout. 
  • Weak hinge lid (wobbles), although it closes securely magnetically
  • Fiddly to remove from the case due to the narrow vertical docking area. The buds are almost buried inside the dock so, they have to be taken out of the case by pinching the nozzle and back of the earbud, which isn't very hygienic
  • Earbuds cannot be kept connected inside the charging case (you can do this with some earbuds)
  • No wireless charging case like the Tranya T10 case, and Tranya F1 case
  • No quick charge support
  • No mobile app support - no button remapping, no EQ
  • No ANC/transparency mode
  • Single battery led on case not as convenient to read as the traditional 4 led array on
Selling points for the Tranya F4
  • Stem style anchoring secure fit
  • Supports AAC codec
  • Each earbud can be paired to a different device (as long as the buds aren't in range of each other) 
  • IPX5 sweat resistance
  • Status leds on earbuds only blink during pairing, do not blink when playing audio
  • Responsive touch controls
  • On budget, affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of bass
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip
  • Dual microphones - 2 per earbud
  • Good for daily calls
  • Sensitive and responsive touch controls
  • Supports absolute bluetooth volume
  • Small, compact pocketable charging case
  • 15 month warranty
  • Game mode for low latency gaming
  • Premium modern look
  • AirPods lookalike alternative
 You can buy the Tranya F4 earbuds from amazon or Tranya website and receive 50% off using promo code Noel50


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