WEWATCH V51 Pro Review Native 1080P Projector 4K Support

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The new and brightest WEWATCH projector to date! The V51 Pro - a native 1080p projector with 4k support! The WEWATCH V51 Pro uses the same display technology (TFT LCD) as notebooks and laptop computers via an LED light source capable of 300 ANSI lumens - brighter than the WEWATCH V50 projector!

The WEWATCH V51 Pro weighs 2.2 kg and measures 26cm wide x 23cm deep x 11cm high. It integrates 5 physical (clicky) buttons and a navigational d-pad for controlling and accessing the projector settings without having to use the included IR (infrared) remote. You can power off/on the projector and change input source signal too, right from the projector.

The WEWATCH V51 Pro projector integrates an infrared (IR) receiver on the front and rear side of the projector, which allows you to use the included IR remote from any angle. The air inlet/outlet vents are side facing, allowing you to place the WEWATCH V51 Pro projector on any surface without worrying about overheating. 
On the backside of the The WEWATCH V51 Pro projector, you find a dust mesh filter, IR receiver and connectivity ports: 2x USB ports, AV port, 2x HDMI 1.4 ports, 3.5mm audio port and VGA port. On the bottom of the WEWATCH V51 Pro projector, there are four tall rubber feet and a height adjustable thumbscrew to elevate the front side of the projector to 14cm high. To hang the projector upside down a ceiling, you simply remove the thumbscrew.
One of the key features of the WEWATCH V51 Pro is white noise - ambient sound sleep timer (mediation sleep), which is accessed via the home screen dashboard. You can choose from 5 ambient sounds and adjust timer between 5 preset timers. Once selected, the WEWATCH V51 Pro projector lens and fan turn off automatically after 10 seconds for peaceful listening. The built-in ambient sounds sound realistic enough. The only issue though, it's that the ambient sounds have a short duration played on a continuous loop, which doesn't overlap seamlessly.

WEWATCH V51 Pro also features 4-point keystoning with 40 degrees of correction, which is a useful feature that lets you shape a rectangular image when setting the projector on an uneven location. Most budget projectors usually come with 15 degree vertical keystone correction only so, you can only skew the angle of the image vertically; hence you are limited to 15 degree correction. With 4-point keystoning, you can skew the image of the V51 Pro vertically and horizontally up to 50 degrees either way. WEWATCH V51 Pro also has a zooming feature to zoom skew the image (watch video).

In terms of image performance, WEWATCH V51 Pro is capable of projecting between 4.5ft/1.4 meters (minimal distance) and 9ft/2.7 meters (max distance). The V51 Pro is capable of generating a 300 inch diagonal image size (147 inch vertical x 261 horizontal). 
However, the further away you get from the projection screen, the more washed out the image looks. The optimal distance seems to be around 1.7 meters/67 inches, which generates a 61 inch diagonal image size (30 inch vertical x 53 inch horizontal). The lens focus is done manually via a physical focus dial that you twist clockwise and anticlockwise. The focus ring turns the lens in and out smoothly and silently. There is no lens cover included but the lens only sticks out about 4mm. 

WEWATCH V51 Pro has no internal battery so, it runs off of mains electricity, using a PSU style power connection. The power consumption is 120 watts, which is low - similar to the power consumption of a 65-inch LED TV, although not quite as low as the power consumption of a 65-inch OLED TV - around 90 watts.

 Potential deal breakers
  • No internal battery
  • Limited choice of ambient sounds 
  • Preset sleep timers - non user adjustable 
  • It is a native 1080p projector so, it can only upscale (enlarge) the 4K picture resolution, which is not as detailed as the picture of a native 4K projector
  • Screen mirroring only compatible with iOS 7 (and above) and Android 10 (and above)
  • No HDMI 2.0 support; hence V51 Pro only supports 4k@30fps, not 4k@60fps
  • No automatic focus
  • No lens cover included
  • No zipper bag included for storage/transportation
  • Heavy compared to other projectors - weighs 2.2 kg
  • Bluetooth speaker mode doesn't turn off the lens/fan
  • Bluetooth chip does not support AAC codec
  • You cannot access digital zooming or keystone correction whilst watching content
  • Cannot download Android apps - no Google Play Store
  • Small internal memory bank - only 1GB RAM
  • No external micro SD card slot like the WEWATCH V10 projector
  • Only 8GB internal storage space (4GB already used out of the box).

Selling points for the V51 Pro
  • 1080p projector supports 4K (3840 x 2160) input resolution
  • On-board navigation arrow buttons
  • Native 1080p gaming
  • Cheaper to run than a 65-inch LCD TV
  • Supports external speaker connection
  • Master power off switch 
  • You can connect bluetooth speakers
  • You can change picture settings and sound settings whilst watching content
  • Built-in 5 band EQ
  • As power efficient as an LED TV
  • USB port for flash drive playback 
  • You can use the USB ports for charging external devices
  • Long lifespan led bulb - 30,000 hours
  • Supports Chromecast, Apple TV, and amazon Fire TV stick
  • Front and back IR remote control receivers
  • Side facing air inlet/outlet - prevents overheating issues
  • Built-in dust filters
  • More lightweight (2.2kg) than a 65-inch LED TV (weighs 24kg)
  • Manual focus ring
  • Wireless cast for iOS devices (iOS Cast) and Android (MiraCast)
  • Bluetooth function - speaker mode
  • Supports 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio
  • Screen mirroring
  • 50 degree 4-point keystone correction
  • Supports digital zoom, horizontal zoom and vertical zoom
  • Ambient sound sleep timer
Accessories you get with the V51 Pro include an IR remote with clicky rubber buttons, 1.5 meters high speed HDMI cable, RCA AV adapter cable (72cm), 1.6 meters 3 pin EU plug power cord (16A 250V rating). You can buy the V51 Pro projector from WEWATCH.

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