Redragon TRIDENT M693 Review Tri-Mode Gaming Mouse

Monday, December 12, 2022

Redragon's new TRIDENT M693 gaming mouse has the most fitting name to date - named after the Battle of The Trident from Game of Thrones House of the Dragon!
 The TRIDENT M693 has a subtle middle front hump measuring 4cm high, which is perfect for claw grip. The hump ergonomics of the TRIDENT M693 is similar to the Redragon M808 Storm and AATROX M811.D Dimensions are 12.5cm long x 6cm wide x 4cm high. Unlike a lot of gaming mice, which tend to have a narrower mid section, the width of the TRIDENT M693 is even across so, the width is about 6cm towards the front, middle and backside of the mouse.

There are a total of 7 buttons - two of them are DPI buttons that let you cycle up and down between 5 DPI levels. By default, the TRIDENT M693 mouse DPIs are set to 500 DPI (min), 1000 DPI, 2000 DPI, 3000 DPI and 8000 DPI (max). Each DPI is color coded so, you know which one you have selected.
The TRIDENT M693 gaming mouse comes with Redragon's software support that lets you adjust DPI, polling rate, record up to 7 macros (up to 59 actions per macro), continuous keystroke, program buttons and customize the RGB lighting.

The TRIDENT M693 has the same PAW 3104 Pixart optical sensor found in the Redragon M612 Predator gaming mouse, which tracks well without jittering. The mouse being the right weight (89 grams) also helps fast flicking in first person shooter games. Wired mode performance is better for zero latency but the included stiff rubber cable (weighs 35 grams), causing cable drag, which is a drawback with wired gaming mice. That said, cable drag is easily fixable by using a shoelace style mouse cable or mouse bungee.

The TRIDENT M693 scroll wheel is rubberized and integrates a silent linear (non-notched) mechanism with a clickable centre click (easy to press). All 7 buttons are remappable via software and include the usual right/left click buttons and two side buttons that you can program also for macros. There is no index button like on the M991 RGB Enlightment which is convenient as a fire button.

The TRIDENT M693 does have the neat advantage of working even with a flat battery. You can use the TRIDENT M693 while it's charging. Battery life is good too, although there is no "eco mode" like stated in the product listing description of the TRIDENT M693 mouse. That said, using the TRIDENT M693 via 2.4Ghz wireless is more economical because bluetooth connection consumes a lot more power. You can get a 1 1/2 days of battery life when using the 2.4Ghz dongle and turning off the RGBs. 

The TRIDENT M693 internal battery takes 2 hours to charge. It has a sleep mode setting (non-adjustable) which kicks in automatically after 1 minute of inactivity. To wake the mouse again, simply move it or press any button. The 2.4Ghz dongle can be stored securely on the mouse without rattling.

Potential deal breakers
  • No RGB power off button like on the M991 RGB Enlightment
  • Profile status light and DPI status light do not stay lit up
  • Software doesn't allow you to bind left/right modifier keys independently (right Alt / left Alt)
  • No index fire button
  •  The on-board storage for the 2.4Ghz dongle is not magnetic

Selling points for TRIDENT M693
  • Triple connectivity: USB-C wired, bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless
  • On-board memory to store macros
  • Can be used whilst charging
  • On-board storage for the 2.4Ghz dongle
  • Textured sides for added grip
  • Suitable for medium hands (palm grip) and larger hands (claw grip/hybrid/fingertip grip)
  • Compatible with old and new Windows computers
  • Power off switch
  • Solid build construction - no rattling noise from buttons or dongle
  • Low latency wireless gaming when using the 2.4Ghz dongle
  • De attachable cable
  • Remappable buttons
  • Smooth tracking without lag
  • Automatic sleep mode to preserve battery life
  • On-board DPI buttons to cycle between DPI levels up and down
  • Redragon software support
  • Customizable RGB lighting

 Accessories include a 1.5 meter detachable mouse cable, velcro strap and mouse. You can buy the TRIDENT M693 from RedragonShop and amazon.

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