Gamesir G7 SE Review Vs T4 Kaleid Vs G7 Controller

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The G7 SE is Gamesir's special edition upgrade of the original Gamesir G7 - also a 3rd party controller for Xbox. 
While there improvements over the G7 controller, the new G7 SE no longer has mechanical face buttons though and no rubber grips. Instead, the G7 SE is equipped with membrane (non-clicky) buttons which aren't as fast to actuate, aren't  longer lasting nor as satisfying to press. Something else you will also notice on the new G7 SE is the lack of rubberized grips, which gives the original G7 controller a more premium feel.

Fortunately, Gamesir has transferred most functionality from the G7 to the G7 SE so, you still get hall effect analog triggers with vibration feedback, interchangeable faceplate, X input compatibility and the ability to remap buttons, control volume, as well as headset volume and chat mixer via the d-pad. One feature on the G7 SE that you won't find on the original G7 is magnetic hall effect thumbsticks. 
As far as input lag (delay), it is 4ms which is due to the G7 SE only supporting 250Hz polling rate. That said, you can overclock the G7 SE via overclocking software (e.g. Lord of Mice) to a maximum of 500Hz polling rate. Another note, it has been reported that Gamesir will release a future update via the Gamesir Nexus app that will enable the G7 SE to support 1000Hz polling rate (1ms input delay).

As mentioned earlier, the G7 SE has drawbacks, which also include limited rear paddles and lack of trigger stops and wireless functionality. That said, it's worth knowing that all third-party controllers for Xbox need to be wired due to Microsoft's decision not to share its wireless frequency technology as a security measure. 
This prevents the use of wireless Xim, Cronus, and other wired inline cheat devices, and also discourages wireless-only users from attempting to utilize them. 
The so-called "third-party" wireless controllers available are actually modified versions of first-party OEM controllers that have been rebranded and repackaged by companies such as Scuf, Battle Beaver, Cinch Gaming, Evil Controllers, and others. However, Microsoft does not grant third-party manufacturers access to its proprietary wireless functionality.

The G7 SE is compatible with PC also, although the Gamesir T4 Kaleid seems to be the better option for PC gaming, especially story mode games, thanks to supporting 1000mhz polling rate. Is the SE worth buying over the standard G7? It depends. The SE has virtually the same functionality minus the lack of rubber side grips and mechanical switches. The G7 SE's main selling point over the G7 is being the first licensed Xbox controller to use Hall effect analog thumbsticks. Even Microsoft's own Elite controllers don't have hall effect sticks!

Potential deal breakers
  • No wireless connectivity
  • No mechanical face buttons
  • No tactile bumper buttons
  • Awkward rear button placement
  • Limited rear buttons (only two)
  • No trigger stocks (locks)
  • Only 250 mhz polling rate
  • Can only change profile via software
  • Sloped B button
  • No rubber grips
  • Non adjustable lift off range
  • Non compatible with Xbox KontrolFreeks
  • No black version
  • Not compatible with smartphones


 Selling points

  • Onboard profile changer (no software needed)
  • Interchangeable anti-friction stick rings
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11
  • Licensed Xbox controller
  • Hall effect analog triggers with vibration feedback
  • Swappable paint-friendly faceplate
  • X input compatible
  • Zero stick drift
  • Onboard calibration for thumbsticks and triggers
  • Vibration feedback
  • Recessed USB-C port
  • 3 meter long USB-C cable included
  • Magnetic hall effect thumbsticks
  • Competitive price point
  • Wired - no input lag
  • Mutable 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Onboard volume controller
  • Hair triggers
  • Compatible with Playstation KontrolFreeks
Accessories included are a Gamesir-branded stiff fabric cable (3 meters) with velcro strap. You can buy the Gamesir G7 SE from Gamesir website and get 10% OFF using promo code: fans10off, as well as amazon with 15% OFF using promo code: G7SEHALL

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