GameSir G7 Review Wired Xbox Controller With Swappable Faceplate and Mutable 3.5mm Jack

Thursday, December 08, 2022

The new GameSir G7 controller rivals the Xbox Series controller with a mutable 3.5mm headphone jack, user customizable faceplate and d-pad operated master volume for controlling the headset volume and chat mixer!

Unlike the Xbox Series controller, the GameSir G7 is a wired only gamepad made for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, as well as Windows 10/11 computers. The GameSir G7 controller crosshair d-pad sits on a clicky metal dome pad - perfect for diagonal moves in fighting games like Tekken. 

The GameSir G7 d-pad feels nice and, it is way better than other d-pad styles such as the saucer d-pad style on the Elite controller, which is only great for quarter circles. The old Sega style (Mega Drive) gamepad also has a great d-pad design because diagonals are part of the d-pad itself, which is ideal for platformers and fighting games. The split d-pad design is definitely the least ideal because it sores your thumb when doing a lot of rolling motions.

As well as a d-pad, the GameSir G7 features four face buttons with Xbox ABXY layout actuated by micro leaf switches - similar to arcade buttons. The GameSir G7 controller also integrates four small plastic buttons, Xbox home button and two analog thumb sticks with short stem and dome shaped grips made of grippy rubber. 
The thumbsticks and the grips are non-detachable but have centre button functionality. All buttons and d-pad feel bouncy and springy. They feel durable too and have a clicky actuation. The GameSir G7 face buttons are not detachable like on the X2 Pro telescopic controller and GameSir G4 Pro gamepad
On the backside of the GameSir G7 controller, you find the rear buttons offset to the side for easy actuation. The rear buttons get recognized by games without the GameSir software enabled. In fact, the rear buttons can be remapped on the controller itself without software. You can program any button and d-pad inputs to any rear buttons - same as the Gamesir G7 SE
On the front side, the G7 features silent triggers and shoulder buttons with a subtle (subdued) clicky action. Both triggers and shoulder buttons are made of textured plastic. The GameSir G7 handle grips are also textured with grippy rubber to prevent the controller from slipping off sweaty hands. 
The GameSir G7 controller integrate rumble motors inside the trigger and handle grips, which vibrate when performing a feedback action such as firing a weapon or charging an attack. There is no power cord cable built-in to the GameSir G7. Instead, you get a detachable USB-C cable design.
Detachable calbes are always more advantageous when it comes to replacing after it breaks. Being detachable also means you can use a different cable too. The USB-C port is deeply embedded inside the controller, which is a good design choice to extend the longevity of the USB-C port.
The GameSir G7 controller weighs 229 grams with faceplate and 200 grams without faceplate (similar in weight to the Gamesir T4 Kaleid controller). The removable faceplate contains 6 magnets, which securely attach the faceplate to the controller. The faceplate is easy to detach and attach and the magnetic connection is strong enough to prevent the faceplate from rattling or coming off loose.

The G7 comes with software support via the GameSir Nexus app, which gives you access to advanced settings for adjusting the vibration sensitivity of the triggers, disable the rear buttons, enable hair trigger and thumbsticks calibration (deadzone) and create 3 custom profiles.

Potential deal breakers
  • Non-detachable face buttons
  • Non swappable thumbstick grips
  • It is not wireless like the Series controller
  • Narrow USB-C port not compatible with thick USB-C plugs
  • Not compatible with older versions of Windows  (e.g. Windows 7) 
  • Dome shaped thumbsticks - unlike the Series controller concave thumbsticks 
  • Micro leaf switch face buttons feel different to the membrane face buttons switches on the Series controller
  • No macro programming support
  • No bluetooth functionality for connecting to a phone like other GameSir controllers. For mobile gaming, check out the GameSir T4 Mini bluetooth controller, GameSir X2 Pro telescopic controller, GameSir G5 controller.

Selling points
  • Magnetically detachable face plate  
  • Paintable faceplate 
  • Lighter in weight than the Series controller
  • Metal dome clicky d-pad
  • Rumble (vibration motors) built-in
  • Black and white interchangeable face plates
  • Programmable rear buttons for button remapping
  • On-board calibration function for thumbsticks and triggers
  • ALPS 3D thumbsticks with potentiometers - just like the Series controller and most traditional controllers
  • Supports master volume control as well as in-game volume control
  • Anti-friction rings - perfect for controlling recoil at high sensitivity.
  • Textured rubber handle grips
  • Hall effect (magnetic) analog triggers with vibration
  • Responsive and clicky face buttons, easy to press and with tactile clicky actuation
  • 3.5mm audio jack with mute/unmute switch
  • Includes a free 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership
  • Clickable analog sticks
  • Zero input latency
  • Precise, clicky d-pad for diagonals
  • Solid construction - no rattling noises
  • Looks good and feels comfortable in the hand
  • Textured triggers and shoulder buttons
  • Detachable power cable
  • Deeply recessed USB-C port to minimize wear
  • Super long cable included

The GameSir G7 controller comes with a Game Pass 1 month free trial (works only with new customers), a GameSir branded 3 meter power cable with GameSir branded velcro strap for cable management. The cable is made of stiff braided fabric and weighs 72 grams. The fabric cable has a 4.5cm long USB-A hard plastic plug and a regular size USB-C plug at the other end of the cable. You can buy the GameSir G7 controller for Xbox and PC from GameSir and amazon.


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