Redragon Storm M808 Review Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

In line with the current trend of super lightweight, mouse manufacturers are looking for clever ways to trim down the weight of a mouse without compromising the build quality!
Two ways to make a mouse more lightweight include punching holes on the shell of the mouse or, doing it internally. The honeycomb punch hole design is the most popular way by far and, also the most aesthetically pleasing and functional too since holes on the shell keep the hand more ventilated.
The shell of most mice, in most cases, has a smooth finish whereas the Redragon Storm M808 has a grooved honeycomb pattern that extends from the top of the mouse all the way to the base of the mouse.
The honeycomb groove texture not only provides a grippy surface but also excellent ventilation since the honeycomb grooves are hollow, allowing air to pass through, which is perfect when playing tournaments like Fortnite. You can even see through the inner parts of the mouse, which is cool. That said, the honeycomb openings do have the inevitable drawback of allowing dirt and moisture into the internals of the mouse more easily.
The Redragon Storm M808 is entirely made of hard plastic without any thumb/pinky rest or rubbery sections, other than the teflon pads on the base, which prevent scratching while allowing the mouse to glide more easily on any surface. If you need a mouse for your ring and pinky fingers to rest on you should look to the M686 Vampire Elite mouse.
The right and left side of the Redragon Storm M808 have rubber grips made of raised hard plastic dots which provide some grip for the thumb, ring and pinky fingers, although not as grippy as a rubbery grip. Redragon Storm M808 is a USB mouse; hence it is wired with a non-detachable 1.50 meter long cable sleeve, which is braided and extremely flexible. Being made of soft braided fabric, the Redragon Storm M808 cable is not likely to become stiff, particularly as it ages.
Mice with rigid cables aren't very desirable because they add extra weight to the mouse by creating resistance, making it very inconvenient when maneuvering the mouse. The Redragon Storm M808 weighs 125 grams with the cable and 95 grams without the cable, making the Storm M808 mouse light, although not as light as some honeycomb gaming mice which weigh around 70 grams.
While the Storm M808 is not as lightweight, it is not flimsy like some honeycomb gaming mice, which feel like they may break in the hand because of how lightweight they are. The Storm M808 mouse is solid and doesn't produce any knocking sounds when shaking. The Redragon Storm M808 measures 5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 4cm tall so, it's a fairly small compact mouse for small hands. The hump of the mouse has a good height and width, making it fit better in the palm of the hand for palm and claw grip. The ergonomics are similar to the new Redragon TRIDENT M693 mouse.
The Redragon Storm M808 USB cable terminates into a sizable gold plated connector plug measuring 50mm long and 8mm thick, which works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.
Being a wired only mouse, the Redragon Storm M808 is not as versatile as the M913 Impact Elite gaming mouse, which has both wired and wireless functionality. The Storm M808 mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
The scroll wheel on the Redragon Storm M808 is slightly recessed and rubberized with a textured pattern that provides a secure grip even with sweaty fingers. The scroll wheel has standard web page functionality so, it's both a scroll wheel and a button.
You can scroll up and down a page and press down to open and close web page tabs without having  to click on the X icon to close the web-page. There is no left and right scroll wheel click though; hence you won't be able to navigate back and forward between web pages.
There are two side buttons, as well as two DPI buttons to increase and lower the DPI setting and a light mode button located behind the DPI button. There is also a push button located on the base of the mouse, which switches between five profiles: profile 1 (red), profile 2 (blue), profile 3 (green), profile 4 (purple), profile 5 (yellow).
The DPI buttons let you select between five DPI modes: 500 DPI (red), 1000 DPI (blue), 2000 DPI (green), 3000 DPI (purple) and 6200 DPI (yellow). The light mode button switches between seven lighting effects (breathing, rainbow, full lighted, wave, go without trace, reactive, flash and off, which turns off the lighting.
If you want to adjust lighting effects, create macros, adjust polling rate (125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz) and change DPI increments (between 200DPI and 12400 DPI in 100 DPI increments), you will need to download the Redragonzone software.
The left and right click buttons are responsive and slightly grooved which help secure the index and middle finger when clicking. The side buttons and DPI buttons are also clicky sounding and responsive.
As far as performance, the firmware in the Redragon Storm M808 mouse works well, allowing the built-in Pixart 3327 sensor to be nippy without any lag or jitter/acceleration when moving fast or at slower speeds. The Pixart 3327 sensor has a 2mm lift-off distance; hence the sensor stops tracking when lifting the mouse above 2mm, which is the height of two CDs stacked up. You can buy the Redragon Storm M808 mouse on amazon. Check out the review of the GS520 Anvil desktop speakers, M612 Predator mouse, M991 RGB Enlightment gaming mouse and Aatrox M811 MMO mouse

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